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There is a wealth of information for most people if they can 

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Handbook of Chinese Mythology

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The elemental rulers are the Five August Emperors, and

 there is a separate god to function in each element as well.  

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Vega – Lyra – Uttarashada

Uttarashada is the nakshatra that precedes Sravana.  It is the place where the star Vega can be found, but it is not as important as it was 5000 years ago!  It is superseded by the stars at the part of Sagittarius that lies near Capricorn.   “Uttarashada, the pinnacle of solar energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by four bright stars which the ancients saw as resembling an elephant's tusk.  In modern astronomy, they are known as Sigma-Sagittarii (Ascell�), Tau-Sagittarii, Phi-Sagittari/& Zeta-Sagittarii (Nunki). These four stars lie in the end portion of the astronomical constellation of Sagittarius. However, it must be noted that this asterism's influence extends into the first ten degrees of the zodiacal sign of Capricorn as well. Nunki, having a Visual magnitude of 2.07, is the brightest among them. According to the legend, these stars correspond to the celestial area where the godly forces got their final victory over the demonic forces.“

It is considered to be ‘feminine’ though its’ planetary and astrological rulers are ‘masculine’.  While this seems to ‘bother’ some astrologers, remember that there were goddesses associated with this area of the sky through Vega. Vega is not the primary star for a predictive nakshatra in modern Jyotish since the advent of the 27 lunar mansion system, replaced the older 28 nakshatra system.  Vega and the other stars of Uttarashada belong to the Kshatriya (warrior) caste.  It is the caste of royalty and leadership.  The star Vega is a Heavenly Princess in China.
The symbol is an elephant’s tusk, the planetary ruler is the Sun and the animal is a mongoose.


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Altair – Aquila – Sravana

Altair is the alpha star of Aquila, the Eagle.  The constellation Aquila is called Garuda in India.  It is part of the 21st or 22nd nakshatra Sravana, or Çravana: “the Listener, the Ear, the sense of hearing, a listening device; a lame person, one who limps.”  It is of the caste Mleccha, “outcast” or “orphan”.  This pertains to the caste of the working classes of India who did manual labor.  Altair is an orphan cowherd peasant with an old ox in the Chinese legend of the Double Seven Festival.  Altair, along with beta & gamma Aquilae form ‘The Drum’, a Chinese asterism.

Keywords:  Friendly, easy-going, organized, persevering, patient, shrewd, thoughtful, listens,  receptive, generous, self-sacrificing, achieves success in the end.

The current position (2012) for Altair in astrology is 1degree 49 minutes of Aquarius. It is considered to be a passive masculine nakshatra.
Altair is the Star of Learning.  The goddess Sarasvati (music, speech, literacy, wisdom, logic, counselors, technicians, education, etc.) is associated with Altair.  Vishnu is the god Altair is assigned to; along with beta and gamma Aquilae, they are considered to be the footprints of Lord Vishnu in the sky (limping) during his avatar incarnation as Vamana.  It is also known as Açvattha, “The Fig Tree, or the Pipal; this is the type of tree that the Buddha sat under while meditating when he received enlightenment.  The planetary ruler is Soma the Moon.  The symbol for this asterism is the arrow or the trident.   The animal is the monkey.

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Learn the story of the Herdsman (the star Altair) and the Weaver Maid (the star Vega)  along with  traditional customs for the timeof the Seventh Moon of the Seventh Month which is thought of as Chinese Valentine's Day.

Here is a bit about the astronomy associated with the Double Seven Festival, which is also known as the Magpie Festival.  Here is more about the Magpie Bridge, and why you do not usually see magpies on the Double Seven Festival.

Another version of the story includes more details. This version includes beautiful traditional illustrations.  Here you can read the origin, schedule, and poem about the festival.

This Wikipedia article includes a few variations of the story.

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Mitch Battros recently published an article about Magnetic Pole Reversals and Possible Crustal Displacement in his e-newsletter, "Earth Changes Media."

He says here is a debate if Earth has experienced a severe tilt in its past - perhaps up to 90° which goes far beyond a better known tilt called "Earth's precession". Sometimes referred to as 'precession of the equinoxes', rotation of the Earth's axis which shifts between a tilt of 22.1° and 24.5° and back again, taking approximately 41,000 years to complete a full rotation.

 Currently, the Earth's tilt is at 23.44° which is roughly halfway between its extreme values.

Scientists have found evidence that the Earth might have actually rolled several degrees in the past, completely shifting continents i.e. Canada in the southern hemisphere.

Hard scientific evidence has come forth confirming Earth's magnetic field is weakening. This is important for two reasons. 1) A weakened magnetic field allows charged particle events such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CME), coronal hole filament, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays to produce enhanced consequences to extreme weather events which includes earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

2) The second major consequence of a weakened magnetic field is its identification as the 'precursor' to a magnetic pole shift. It is estimated that Earth's magnetic field reverses every few thousand years at low latitudes and every 10,000 years at high latitudes. It is believed we are far enough along the cycle that many living today will witness the bouncing back and forth of magnetic north and it swings reaching latitudes below 30°. Magnetic north can also move east and west longitudes.

 historical magnetic field reversals indicate during the period of Earth's magnetic field reduction will be in flux for several years before a full magnetic flip will incur.


This difficulty is illustrated by the process of trying to bring together opposing poles of magnets.  

No matter how hard you try to push together the poles of the magnet, they continue to fly apart.

What is the solution?

Is there one?

Please feel free to comment.

This is a good meditation on the metaphor of this situation in our lives, our beings, and our world,