Thursday, April 5, 2012


Nu Kua takes the form of a dragon.

September 29, the day of our 2012 FOI, Goddess Festival, is a festival of St. Michael the Archangel, who has mastery over the dragon power and dragon paths.

The May 20 eclipse also involves dragons.  Here is information compiled  from Aluna Joy's newsletter about the eclipse, which will have an energetic impact on throughout 2012:

 The path of this eclipse,  in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, is midway between Mount Fuji and Mount Shasta. These are two locations where the Eclipse path crosses the Great Male Dragon energy, the planetary Plumed Serpent Line which goes on through Mexico.

Solar eclipses will have great impact for those along its path for nearly a year. The eclipse will create a doorway between where we were, and were we are going. The Sun will reboot and begin transmitting a new program

In the path of this total solar eclipse, our dimension will begin an entire reboot of its operating system on our Earth. As the sun is blocked  by your moon, in this very still, no-time place, a new operation system will be created and uploaded into your body as well as your world, solar system and universe. Remember that this is a universal shift and recalibration . . . not just a planetary one.  This new operating system will begin to spread across the Earth over some time (a month or two)

 Our Great Central Sun (Alcyone in the Pleiades) , our Sun and Moon will create a unique Heavenly Alignment and Grand Void of New Potiential.

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